Frankie J - Courage
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Frankie J

Año: 2011
Género: R&B/Soul
País: Estados Unidos
Sello: SoulSick Muzik
Distribuidora: SoulSick Muzik

1. Courage Interlude
2. How Beautiful You Are
3. And I Had You There
4. Tears Of A Clown
5. What If (feat. Tommy Redding)
6. Woman
7. My Hero Love
8. If The World Would End
9. Courage
10. That’s Wussup (feat. Baby Bash)
11. Why Can’t We Fall In Love
12. Say I Do
13. When Love Rings Your Bell
14. Dancin Around
15. I Don’t Wanna Be Single (Bonus Track)
16. I Promise You (Bonus Track)
17. When You Look Me In The Eyes (Bonus Track)

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Frankie J - Courage
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