Iseo & Dodosound - Cat Platoon
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& Dodosound
"Cat Platoon"

Año: 2015
Género: Reggae / Soul
País: España
Sello: Iseo
Distribuidora: -
Lanzamiento: 23/04/2015


1. Freedom feat. Ras Telford   04:09
2. Frozen Desert   05:23
3. Fresh Air   04:22
4. Riff Raff   04:14
5. Cat Platoon   03:30
6. Zombies feat. Alberto Sanzol   05:21
7. Falling Asleep   04:42
8. I Don't I Do   03:40
9. Free Us Now (Ras Telford)   04:09
10. Lonely Sax feat. Iñigo Xalbador   05:50


All songs proudly written by iseo&dodosound.

Music played and composed by iseo&dodosound except for track number seven, ‘falling asleep’, of which chords and bassline are taken from ‘amplifier’ by pupa jim (stand high patrol).

Rocko tenor plays sax in ‘fresh air’ and creates and plays the brass arrangement in ‘cat platoon’.
Alberto sanzol plays trumpet in ‘fresh air’, ‘cat platoon’, and delights us with his stunning solo in ‘zombies’.
Iñigo xalbador plays the lonely alto sax in the last track.
Roberto sanchez a.K.A ras telford plays his sweet melódica in ‘freedom’ and casts a musical spell on ‘free us now’.
Melódica on tracks number one, ‘freedom’, and number nine, ‘free us now’, recorded by roberto sanchez at lone ark studio.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by dodosound to iseo’s liking at cooltown studio and the ambassador’s house.
All tracks mastered at crudobilbao estudios by antxon sagardui, except for track number seven, ‘falling asleep, and track number eight, ‘i don’t i do’, mastered by aitor sarría at astor.

This album includes ‘dibi dibi’ ep published in june 2015.

Artwork by ribo.

Iseo & Dodosound - Cat Platoon
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